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Haidy Geismar, NYU
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Alongside this site, there are several recent additions to the Museum/Anthropology blogosphere which are definitely worth checking out (any other good links, please add to the comments below!).
The bi-annual journal, Museum Anthropology, now has it’s own blog, which will be used increasingly to supplement materials published in the journal. The blog offers a forum in which articles published in the journal can be discussed formally as a form of post-publication peer-review. It will also dynamically post notifications of current exhibitions, symposium, book releases and other relevant material. Scholars interested in the fields of museum studies and material culture studies are urged to submit announcements and other materials of interest to the community. These can be forwarded to the journal editorial office at:
This is the blog of the Robert Goldwater Library in the Department of the Arts of Africa, Oceania and the Americas in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It’s an excellent resource, linking exhibition reviews, media coverage of key issues, to current scholarship with sound bites and good images and a lively commentary on key issues such as intellectual and cultural property, issues of representation and so on.
Some other blogs of note that may be of specific interest to readers here
From the professionals:
A blog dedicated to serious discussion of anthropological topics and developments within the discipline.
Not strictly a blog, but an online scholarly community committed to media anthropology, as is the online journal flow:
A critical forum on television and media culture published biweekly by the department of Radio, Television, and Film at the University of Texas at Austin.
This is an engaging blog from a Columbia University student which discusses diverse topics framed around the process of studying anthropology at undergraduate level.
Eyebeam: a site dedicated to the more techical side of art and materiality within the digital domain.
And there are increasingly a good number of museum-oriented blogs:
Many of these are linked through
And the Attic is a good resource from the Department of Museum Studies at Leicester University


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