Call for design and anthropology interns

Intel Corporation’s Domestic Designs and Technologies Research Group is calling for interns! As part of Domestic Designs and Technologies Research, the ethnographic and design research team within the Digital Home Group, you will work within a multidisciplinary team of anthropologists, design researchers and documentary film makers to explore and research ‘love and spirituality’ and its intersection with computers and technology, in and around the home.
DDTR is a driving force within the Digital Home Group: our charter is to develop a clear & actionable understanding of daily life all over the world, identify opportunities for our platforms to enable experiences that consumers value, merge original insights with technology, market, platform and planning intelligence to define usage models & platform requirements, and seed future research & platform opportunities. DHG’s vision is to make Intel the trusted foundation of your digital home. To
that end, the Digital Home Group develops computing and communications oriented platforms that anticipate and satisfy the needs of consumers world-wide.
We will be offering 3 month paid internships starting in April ’07 and July ’07 for graduate students in anthropology, design research or related social sciences. Interns must re-locate to the Portland, Oregon area to work closely with the research team during the entire length of the internship, and be eligible to work in the US.
We are looking for individuals with experience in designing and conducting both qualitative and/or quantitative user or design research studies, including analysis of the resulting data. Candidates should prepare a concise yet thorough 3-5 page proposal to explore some aspect of love and spirituality and its intersection with computers and technology in and around the home; inclusion of how the proposed research fits with the candidate’s own research interests (broadly defined) is a plus. Exact responsibilities of the position will be defined with the successful applicant based on the submitted proposal.
Please submit your proposal (3-5 pages, including bibliographic references) describing the research you’d like to do in this area over the course of your internship to Applications (CV + proposal) must be received by January 31st and April 30th, respectively for the April and July start dates.