19 Princelet Street

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To mark Refugee Week here in London, seize the chance to visit 19 Princelet Street and explore issues of immigration, inclusion and identity in one of Europe’s most extraordinary spaces. Tell your friends and colleagues, and please do help by forwarding this on.
An international historic site of civic engagement, the only one of its kind in Europe, 19 Princelet Street in London’s Spitalfields will open FREE every day 17-24 June (and Sunday 27 May) from 12-5 pm.
‘One of the most charismatic buildings in our city – it tells the tale of arrival, of moving in and moving on’
Robert Elms, BBC London

Discover shared human stories of incomers, over hundreds of years, who have shaped and continue to shape not only this city but our society.
Explore SUITCASES AND SANCTUARY, a ‘hauntingly beautiful’ show created by children, with powerful lessons for how we think about asylum seekers, for political debate, for community relations and human rights. Take a wry look at asylum in Britain today through LEAVE TO REMAIN, installed by three contemporary artists in exile.
‘Goes right to the heart of who we are today’
The Guardian

Founded by refugees, the charity is run by volunteers of all ages, cultures, religions and backgrounds working together to preserve this special kind of museum as a place where cultures meet, and raising a target of £3 million so it can be open to everyone on a regular basis in future.
‘Our visit to 19 Princelet Street was a revelation’
International Banker

Find more at www.19princeletstreet.org.uk
– Any one lucky enough to visit this remarkable house should please send in something to the blog, as readers would be keen to read this.