Design/Body/Sense: Physical and Psychical Embodiment in Design

The Design History Society Annual Conference 2007
Kingston University London: Knights Park Campus
Wednesday 5 September to Friday 7 September 2007
As an embodiment of thought, feeling and intention, design demands to be encountered from a bodily perspective. Design/Body/Sense calls for the interdisciplinary engagement of design and its histories. It suggests the bodily encounter of design is central to its meaning and that the physical and psychical experiences of design are contingent upon historical processes of continuity and change.
Design/Body/Sense aims to provide a forum for academic enquiry within the broad community of design historians. Emphasizing the histories of bodily and sensual experiences of design this conference aims to provide an inclusive theme for historians, researchers, practitioners and academics working across the various design disciplines whilst offering the opportunity for fertile interdisciplinary engagement.
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Deadline for early registration: 1 July 2007
Convenors: Dr Trevor Keeble and Juliette Kristensen, School of Art and Design History, Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, Kingston University London.”