The Case Collection

Always on the look out for interesting digital manifestations of museums and collections. This project was created by one of my NYU colleagues, Tal Halpern, who is a writer, artist, and IT specialist:
Digital Nature: the Case Collection version 2.0 is a net-based story-space that transforms an on-line library catalogue into an experimental narrative environment. The project consists of a database of digital objects(narrative objects) from a fictional 1910 natural history expedition and software package that allows users to search, sequence, view, comment, and make connections between objects according to a set of rules in real-time. In short, this project can be thought of as a real-time anthropological artifact generator and narrative engine, which exploits the popular forms of information culture—the on-line library interface and non-hierarchical database- for their context generating potential.
You can find an Interview about the project here:

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