Chaim Noy, Independent Scholar, Jerusalem, Israel In this project, in which I am concerned with discursive mobilities and materialities in tourism, I intend to investigate visitor books as a unique medium of communication in a number of different sites. In this opportunity I wish to present and discuss one caseContinue Reading

Daniel Miller, Anthropology, UCL In teaching courses about consumption, the nearest thing I have employed to textbooks are materials that were written over a decade ago. I used Acknowledging Consumption, my own edited survey of disciplinary perspectives and Don Slater’s Consumer Culture and Modernity a summary of more sociological debates.Continue Reading

Iside Carbone, PhD Student, Anthropology, University College London As a result of the intimate connection of space, perception and cognition, the location of objects in a specific environment expresses the dynamics of reception of cultural images and representation of cultural identities. The placement of Chinese artefacts in the context ofContinue Reading

This slideshow in the The Guardian newspaper is a rather humorous look at contemporary collecting practices.,,2172503,00.html Also, at a recent meeting at the British Museum, I noticed that a colleague there had a copy of ‘Offbeat Museums: A Guided Tour of America’s Weirdest and Wackiest Museums’ by Saul Rubin.Continue Reading

This three-day conference is the third in a series of six international workshops bringing together current and recent PhD students and senior scholars. Application for participation is open for all disciplines doing research on the historical and contemporary dynamics surrounding National Museums. The program and series is presented on Reading

Kingsley Baird, School of Visual & Material Culture, Massey University The Cloak of Peace, Te Korowai Rangimarie Heiwa No Manto, Nagasaki Peace Park, Japan From May to July this year I made an artwork at In Flanders Fields Museum as artist in residence. The work – on exhibition until OctoberContinue Reading

Philomena Keet, PhD candidate, School of Oriental and African Studies FRUiTS magazine What makes a piece of clothing ‘fashion’? What’s the difference between following fashions and being fashionable? Fashion as always been noted for it’s paradoxical elements, simultaneously anchoring the wearer into a group whilst representing the desire to beContinue Reading