NaMu III: National museums in a global world

This three-day conference is the third in a series of six international workshops bringing together current and recent PhD students and senior scholars. Application for participation is open for all disciplines doing research on the historical and contemporary dynamics surrounding National Museums. The program and series is presented on
The conference European national museums in a global world is part of the programme Making National Museums: Comparing institutional arrangements, narrative scope and cultural integration(NaMu), funded by Marie Curie Conferences & Training Courses – one of the four so-called Host-driven actions aimed at supporting research networks, research organisations and enterprises. The specific objective is to bring together researchers with different levels of experience.

The NaMu programme will form a new departure for understanding and working with the diversity of museum institutions in Europe by bringing the multidisciplinary field of museum and heritage studies together with a sharp and comparative focus on national museums. The purpose of the programme is to develop the tools, concepts and organisational resources necessary for training researchers, investigating and comparing the major public structures of national museums, responding to challenges of globalisation, European integration, and new media. This will be achieved by a series of conferences providing a venue for newer scholars and eminent researchers from Europe and elsewhere to gather and develop the multidisciplinary competence necessary for understanding and comparing the dynamics of national museums in a framework of broader studies of historical culture and identity politics. The full programme of six consecutive workshops is presented on the website
You can download information in pdf form about NaMu III here:
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And there is also a first call for NaMu IV : Comparing – national museums, territories, nation-building and change End of call date: 21 September 2007
Linköping University, Norrköping, Sweden, 18-20 February 2008
The fourth conference in the series will take an explicit historical and comparative outlook dealing with any of the main questions of the program:
1) Comparing relationships between different forms of national museums and their related academic disciplines. To what extent were and are they part of institutions of knowledge? Do they present a coherent approach to memory politics? To what extent are there autonomous logics operating in the evolution of cultural, historical, technical, natural and art national museums?
2) Comparing the narratives told in and by museums: how do they evolve over time? What “us” and what “others” were constructed with what means? Do they differ between countries structurally?
3) Comparing the role of national museums in the overall history of their setting (relating to disciplinary, esthetical, political and economical developments. Are they forming nations, creating
hegemony, arguing for change, disrupting order or integrate?
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