The Materiality of Sound

All readers of this site should be familiar with the pioneering work of ethnomusicologist and musician Steve Feld, now based at the University of New Mexico, who has been making sustained explorations into the environment of sound through both his written work and his own recording practice for many years. Starting with the Bosavi of the Papua New Guinea rainforest, Feld has worked with many other sonic environments including bell ringers in Europe, and more recently has been working in Accra Ghana.
Feld has linked up with musicians and environmental activists to draw attention to the political landscape, cultural politics and commodification of sound
We are keen to get more sound work through this website and to explore the interface between sound and visual representation, and to explore the tactility and materiality of sound, particularly in the digital formats of electronic disseminations such as this blog…we look forward to hearing from any of you working on the boundaries of sound, vision and theorizing their material presences…