Call for Artefacts

War Cry: Digging for New Zealanders’ wartime creativity
Lucy Moore
War Cry – L. Moore 2007 Embroidery on Cotton

Mementoes, handcraft, artworks are being sought for a commemorative exhibition documenting New Zealanders’ experience of war through art.

With a core concept of connection through creativity, project manager Lucy Moore’s intention is that we can still be touched by the experience of New Zealanders in wartime through collecting and showing their creative work.
When Will they Ever Learn – Tui McLaughlin 1991 mixed media

As the centenary of the outbreak of World War I approaches, reminders of this critical time in New Zealand’s history are becoming more and more precious. In particular it appears that there is an artistic legacy in New Zealand of mementoes created by those affected by the wars of the 20th century. This ranges from clothing crafted to send to those serving on the other side of the world, to home comforts created in the hope of better times to come, to more obvious or artistic expressions of the uncertainties and hardships of wartime life. In the hand crafting of these special pieces, there is an underlying intention to put their makers ‘in touch’ with loved ones far away, and several decades on we can still feel the love, courage or grief that was present when they were created.
Carved anchors – Eldon Bennett 1945 plastic, silver, brass

Pieces of particular interest will be those pieces of art or craft which communicate a connection between people, either over distance or over time.
Also emerging is a gathering group of contemporary artists whose work is created in response to New Zealand’s war history. These artists include Kingsley Baird, Judi Jenkins, Sally Burton and project organizer Lucy Moore. It is proposed to exhibit a selection of these contemporary works alongside the historical pieces by way of making a connection over time with those affected by war.
This exhibition will therefore make visible works of art or craft which may have been hidden away for decades or which would not otherwise be available to the public. In this way new stories of wartime experience can emerge to the benefit of all interested in themes of war, peace and healing.
An exhibition in April 2008 of artifacts dating from the early 20th century which move, touch and inspire us about the connection possible through art and craft no matter what the circumstances.
Lucy Moore
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Border Crossing – L. 1993 Needlepoint on linen