CTCC MA Studentships

The Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK currently offers 4 scholarships for their new MA in Cultural Tourism.
Four 50% Tuition Fee Scholarships for accepted candidates are up for grabs!
Tourism is one of the most important and rapidly expanding economic and social phenomena of the contemporary world. To address the intellectual, sociological and political challenges and issues this phenomenon raises, the Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change (CTCC) at Leeds Metropolitan University has developed a new MA course in Cultural Tourism. This course will run on a full time base from September 2008.

The MA Cultural Tourism offers:
* An interdisciplinary and international perspective on tourism and culture allowing you to develop an informed position in contemporary theoretical debates and applied policy programmes.
* A research led programme based upon the extensive experience and international work of the Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change.
* Excellent links with regional, national and international organisations working in the tourism and culture field.
* The opportunity to work on a ‘live’ case study relating to the cultural sector where you will be able to develop your own interests and skills.
* The opportunity for you to develop your research and analytical skills which will equip you for future leadership roles in the diverse and dynamic field of cultural tourism and/or develop your interests by undertaking a PhD at the Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change.
Leeds Metropolitan University has one of the largest groupings of tourism researchers in the world in the CTCC and the International Centre for Responsible Tourism.
Through course modules you will be able to study: The structures and dynamics of international tourism; the social practices and performances of tourists; international tourism policy; the relationships between tourism and concepts of modernity, globalisation and colonialism; tangible and intangible heritage and their management; the role of museums and the ways by which cultures are represented; festivals and cultural events; culture and regeneration; tourism as a means of intercultural dialogue.
Modules include:
Tourism and Tourists
Cosmopolitanism and Cultures of Mobility
Researching Cultural Tourism
Representing and Displaying Culture
Managing Heritage
Tourism, Media and Cultural Flows
Tourism, Festivals and Cultural Events
Cultural Tourism Case Study
For further information and an application form please email Dr Philip Long. Or visit the CTCC website for further details: www.tourism-culture.com and follow links to postgraduate studies.
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