Material Histories

The ‘Material Histories: Scots and Aboriginal Peoples in the Canadian Fur Trade’ website, funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council, is now available at:
Alison Brown comments the website presents case studies of how beadwork and other materials used during the North Atlantic fur trade can be used to reflect upon family histories and the lives and experiences of those people connected to this global system of cultural and material exchanges. It is part of a larger project developed by Alison Brown, Tim Ingold and Nancy Wachowich in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, which looks at how fur trade material culture can be used to explore the social relationships between Scots and Aboriginal peoples.
Two papers and a book related to the project are forthcoming, however, visitors to the website can download the Material Histories Workshop Proceedings, which contains papers concerning the contemporary meanings of fur trade artefacts in museums and family homes.
Josh Bell, Sainsbury Research Unit, University of East Anglia