New Views of Society: Robert Owen for the 21st Century

11-14 Sept 2008 – New Lanark, Scotland
This event is being organised as part of a programme of events throughout 2008 to mark the 150th Anniversary of Robert Owen’s death.
This major international conference will be a two stage event appealing to both academics from a range of disciplines and co-operative practitioners. The first part of the conference (from the morning of Thursday 11th September to lunchtime on Saturday 13th) will consist of a series of interdisciplinary thematic sessions exploring various aspects of Owen’s ideas and their contemporary and future relevance. The second part of the event (from lunchtime on the 13th to lunchtime on the 14th) will have a practitioner focus. It will consist of invited speakers, interactive workshop sessions and the AGM and Annual Research Roundtable of the UK Society for Co-operative Studies.
Owen Memorial Plaque, Wesley Street, Newtown, Wales

This event is orginaised by the UK Society for Co-operative Studies in co-operation with partners including the Co-operative Group, Co-operative College and New Lanark Heritage Trust.
The conference will include a tour of the New Lanark Mills Visitor Centre and a Dinner on the evening of Saturday 13th September.

Session topics are grouped into 3 main themes. Below each theme are suggested some aspects of Owen’s thought in these areas that might be usefully explored, but this is not by any means an exhaustive list and the organisers would welcome further relevant proposals.
Part 1: Economic justice
– Ethical issues relating to trade
– Co-operative Management in theory and practise
– Trades Unions in the 21st Century
– Micro finance and Credit Unions
Part 2: Practical Utopia
– Community living and co-housing
– Time currencies
– The ‘e-commonwealth’
– ‘Socialism’ then and now
Part 3: Education for a better world
– Co-operative structures for delivering education
– Children’s Rights
– Co-operative Learning
– Adult and Continuing Education
There will also be a ‘history workshop’ style session on the Friday and Saturday exploring the impact and experiences of Co-operatives established for social change in the UK from the mid 1960s onwards. Please let us know if you have something to contribute to this theme.
For booking and other information contact:
Richard Bickle, UK SCS Secretary
Holyoake House
Hanover Street Manchester
M60 0AS.
Tel: 07768 184882