The everyday life of objects

The link above, leads to a a new virtual environment recently completed by Professor Laurie Beth Clark in the Art Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where you can download a virtual maze filled with a matrix of familiar ‘objects’ (which are actually digital images of real objects found on retail or personal websites). Spectators navigate this maze to view the objects (an experience somewhere between a museum and a shopping mall) and, by clicking an object, trigger sound bites that have been gathered from interviews with over two hundred individuals who have and keep things, and about what they acquire and why.
Its makers comment:

I believe a post on The Everyday Life of Objects would be of interest to
your readers because it explores an experience common to us all- our
relationship to our stuff. It poses simple questions about the objects we
surround ourselves with, such as, “What do you accumulate?” “How do you
decide what to keep?” “Do you want things you don’t have?” The answers are
personal, critical, and candid.