GENDER AND THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT – new database resource

Women’s Design Service and Queen Mary University of London have developed a new website which is now online. The official launch will take place on October 2nd at The Octagon, QMUL.
Gendersite comprises a searchable database of publications, research findings and articles which address gender issues in the built environment, alongside a series of case studies highlighting particular themes.
The project was funded by UrbanBuzz, a knowledge exchange programme. Gendersite aims to transfer the research findings of academics and others to built environment practitioners so that the design and management of our towns, cities, buildings and open spaces will better incorporate the specific needs of women. The Gender Equality Duty which became law in April 2007 requires all public bodies to promote gender equality. Gendersite will help policy makers, developers, regeneration professionals, planners, architects, engineers and transport agencies to achieve this goal. Gendersite is also an excellent resource for academics, students, women’s organisations and community groups active in environmental issues.
The goal is to raise awareness of the need to address women’s requirements in the design of the built environment. Practitioners and policy-makers will now be able to use Gendersite to ensure their work is incorporating best practice in relation to gender equality.
“This project was supported by the UCL-led UrbanBuzz Programme, within which UEL is a prime partner”.
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