Studies in Material Thinking

Started in 2007 through the School of Art and Design at the Auckland University of Technology, the online journal Studies in Material Thinking (ISSN 1177-6234) has recently published its second issue.
SMT is an open-access, peer-reviewed online journal committed to the publication of working papers and articles about research in all fields of design and art practice where an appreciation of materiality is important. This includes spatial and architectural design, visual arts, industrial design, interface design, graphic design, animation and film, game design, urban design, and other related fields. It seeks to promote trans-disciplinary communication and understanding between practitioners, academics, industry partners, researchers and students.
This journal is a vehicle for artists, designers and writers to explore their projects and research positions from the vantage point of both the materiality and the poetics of creative research. The aim of the publication is to develop a series of divergent positions, critical approaches and contestations around the term ‘material thinking’, centered as it is on an understanding of invention, design, creative practice and research methodology. Submissions are sought from those who are currently engaged in developing an understanding of research processes in art and design, particularly but not exclusively those who are in art and design schools working on innovative curricula for research practice.

Message from the SMT Editor
“Studies in Material Thinking is a project that I hope will become a catalyst for better trans-disciplinary understanding of the paradigm shifts that are occurring in art and design research practice and education. There is a growing need within the postgraduate community and broader artistic and technological research fields for more thorough explanations of creative method and more comprehensive analysis of creative thinking, material process and innovation. Within the postgraduate sector we increasingly speak of the ‘triple crisis’ of praxis, representation and legitimation and everywhere we hear versions of collegial concern about the impact of this perceived crisis on creative practice in the academy.
This is an open invitation for all who have an interest in practice-based research, teaching and learning, questioning assumptions and thinking through poesis and praxis to contribute to this discussion, seek out significant issues, contemplate the differences between our individual professional perspectives and hone our collective understanding of issues around material thinking”.
Editor in Chief
Nancy de Freitas
Associate Professor
Faculty of Design & Creative Technologies