Performance, Art & Anthropology

Paris, Musée du Quay Branly, 11-12 March, 2009.
Organisers: Caterina Pasqualino (CNRS)
Arnd Schneider (University of Oslo)
A.T. Domenge et P. Doble
Performance de M. Barceló et J. Nadj, 2006

A major international symposium on the intersection between contemporary art, anthropology, and performance, co-sponsored by the French-Norwegian Research Foundation and CNRS.
Among the highlights are visual anthropologist Lucien Taylor, film-maker Marthe Torshaug, artist (film-maker & photographer) Craigie Horsfield, artists Miquel Barcelo and Barthélémy Togo, as well as anthropologist George Marcus, and performance theorist Richard Schechner.
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