Second Skins: Cloth and Difference

Rivington Place, London. 30th April 2009, 9.00-5.45
Second Skins aims to open up a dialogue on ‘cloth and difference’ via a series of cross-cultural and interdisciplinary exchanges. Issues of identity and cultural heritage are readily expressed through cloth and its tactile quality induces personal and collective associations. Cloth ‘speaks’. By drawing together creative thinkers across visual art, design, cultural studies, anthropology and sociology, Second Skins explores the production, consumption and language of cloth, considering:
Why is there a renewed interest in fabrication – in creative making and the haptic – in the digital age? In what ways are visual artists engaging with and reinventing approaches to textiles and craft practices?
What role does cloth play in the re-fashioning of identities in geographical and symbolic border crossing? How are race, culture and gender involved in these processes and representations?
How are indigenous cloths worn, appropriated, collected and displayed in post-colonial and diasporic cultures?
Speakers include: Sokari Douglas-Camp, Raimi Gbadamosi, Jessica Hemmings, John Hutnyk, Margareta Kern, Sarat Maharaj, Sarah Quinton, Hans Hamid Rasmussen and Rosanna Raymond
Organised by Christine Checinska in collaboration with Iniva
Tickets are £35 each (£17.50 concessions), the price of the ticket includes lunch and refreshments. More information >
Please contact Rivington Place bookings to reserve a place 020 7749 1240 or email