What’s the ‘Matter’ in Anthropology

Wednesday 13th May 2009, 9:30am-5:00pm
St Hugh’s College, Oxford, OX2 6LE (Entrance on Canterbury Rd)
Social scientists are developing ways of thinking about relationships to take into account our interaction with everyday objects. Expressions of sociality are being extended beyond the individual, to include aspects of personality cultivated by the experience of living in the material world around us. But how does the material world catalyse relationships and how do those relationships create the person? Are we enskilled by materiality, or governed by it? How do the properties of objects impose aspects of their ‘personality’ onto us? How can we characterise those relations if they aren’t simply ‘social? And how far can anthropology take these ideas and provide culturally-informed theories which may be useful to the social sciences generally?
Professor Penny Harvey
Department of Social Anthropology, University of Manchester
Professor Timothy Ingold
(Chair of Social Anthropology, University of Aberdeen)
Dr. Daniel Hicks
(Pitt Rivers Museum, and Archaeology, Oxford University)
Professor Daniel Miller
(Professor of Material Culture, UCL)
Professor Stephen Woolgar
(Said Business School, Oxford University)
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