Call for Submissions

for Papers for the upcoming American Anthropological Association’s meetings (New Orleans, LA; November 17-21, 2010)
We are looking for individuals who have empirical or theoretical work
relating to brand counterfeiting. The panel has six papers confirmed
(and one discussant) and are looking for an additional 2-4 papers
dealing with issues related to brand counterfeits to for a double
panel. The panel has a range of interests from questions of
authenticity and anxieties over counterfeiting, the circulation of
branded forms and commodity chains, brand re-mixing, and questions of
how to theorize the brand from its duplicate. The regional areas
covered include China, Indonesia, Vietnam, South India, Cote d’Ivoire,
Macedonia, Turkey, Romania, and Brazil. We are open to paper ideas, so
please contact me and let me know if you have some work (ethnographic
or theoretical) that might fit with our interests.
The deadline for submission is March 22, 2010. Please send a short
abstract of the paper you would like to present.
Constantine Nakassis
University of Pennsylvania, Department of Anthropology