Boston Stories

Boston Stories is an interactive, multimedia Website, and with its companion book tells how the Boston Children’s Museum in the 60s, 70s and 80s invented a non-hierarchical, but closely managed organization that current research suggests is becoming the most effective approach for structuring leadership in today’s evolving organizations. The website, uses documents, interview, narrative and other forms to compile an case study in institutional and organizational management. It is a useful case-study for understanding how museums develop policy and practice around their mission statements. They comment:

This publication is truly cutting edge. We can work easily and affordably from story to media to archive and back again. Most of the high-tech tools demonstrated in Boston Stories were not available when we began more than five years ago. They are now, and make a significant contribution to the user’s learning or research experiences. We invite you to explore this unconventional Website: and learn first-hand what this exciting project is all about. And if you want to give us feedback, take this quick survey:

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