Call for Participation

When / Where: November 7th to December 4th, 2010, Du Mois Gallery, New Orleans
Deadline for proposals: 20 Sept 2010
Contact: Craig Campbell (,
Ethnographic Terminalia (2010) is scheduled to coincide with the 109th Meeting of the American Anthropological Association (AAA) in New Orleans. It will take place at a number of sites around New Orleans with the flagship exhibition at the DuMois Gallery, in the emerging Freret Street Arts & Cultural District. We seek proposals from artists/ethnographers/artist-ethnographers for inclusion of their work in this year’s exhibit. The works exhibited in Ethnographic Terminalia emerge through a desire to produce art as a process or product of research. As we demonstrated in the Ethnographic Terminalia 2009 exhibition, the juxtaposition of works that bear nothing more in common than loose disciplinary or discursive histories—languages of observation and description—produces what might be analogously seen as a contemporary cabinet of curiosities. The works exist and generate their own logical structures as autonomous units but they are also part of a larger collection, accruing and developing meaning through proximity to other works. In this case the curatorial task of locating the various works in the gallery is critical.

Call for Participation
We seek proposals for both solo and collaborative works that can be installed with a relatively small
footprint. Works can be in any medium: site-specific installation, painting, photography,
printmaking, sculpture, video art, film (short or long), etc. We may be able to accommodate
performance-based works this year in a separate gallery. We will consider proposals for works that
are either silent or that have an audio component contained by headphones. To date, Ethnographic
Terminalia 2010 will feature the works of Susan Hiller, Robert Willm, and Fiamma Montezemulo,
along with works by several local artists that will be featured in their own room at the DuMois
Gallery. With greater support from the American Anthropological Association, opening-night
sponsorship from Stella Artois, and more advance time to promote the event, Ethnographic Terminalia
2010 will be another unique opportunity to exhibit your work. The deadline for proposals is September 20, 2010. Please email the following information as an
attached word document to Craig Campbell (
• Name
• Contact details
• CV
• Short Biography
• Abstract/Summary of your work (along with a title of your project)
• Medium
• Dimensions (when installed)
• Installation requirements
Installation and Scheduling
Please note that we require works to arrive in New Orleans between the 1st and 5th of November
2010 to coordinate installation. If you are unable to work with these dates please indicate this on your proposal.
The DuMois has four rooms and a yard space exclusively available for our use. It offers
approximately 800 square feet of exhibition space with ten-foot ceilings throughout. We have access
to a number of other gallery spaces as well. These may be more amenable to your proposed
installation, so please give us an ideal scenario for your work. In your proposal please specify installation
requirements and the general floor and wall space required for your work. Again, we stress that gallery space is limited and we endeavor to share this experience with as many participants as possible.
Ethnographic Terminalia (New Orleans 2010) will run from November 7th to December 4th, 2010.
The Opening Reception will take place on Friday 19 November 2010 (subject to change).
We are also planning to host a critique for the exhibitors. This will be a closed event, allowing us
the freedom to engage in meaningful conversation with other exhibitors. This is scheduled for
Saturday 20 or Sunday 21, November 2010 at 5pm (subject to change).
For more information please contact Craig Campbell or visit
ET2010 planning team:
Craig Campbell, University of Texas at Austin (Austin, USA)
Fiona McDonald, University College London (London, England)
Stephanie Takaragawa, Chapman University (Orange, USA)
Maria Brodine, Columbia University (New York, USA)
Kate Hennessy, School of Interactive Arts + Technology (SIAT), SFU (Vancouver, Canada)
Trudi Lynn Smith, York University (Toronto, Canada)