The Oxford Handbook of Material Culture

Haidy Geismar, NYU
The introduction to the Oxford Handbook of Material Culture, OUP 2010, can be read here. Titled, Material culture: a reactionary view, the introduction gives an extremely lucid, and helpful, overview of the divergent disciplines which are interested in the material, and then focuses more predominantly on the ways in which archaeology and anthropology can develop or enhance material culture studies. This is one of the first things I have read which steps outside the disciplinary expectation and inheritance of archaeology and anthropology and seems to have a good critical tone. The volume itself, which I have not read, is lengthy with multiple parts and chapters and seems to provide a interesting and useful blend of theoretical overview, methodological consideration and specific focus. All in all – this seems to me, at first glance, like the kind of synthetic volume that will be very useful to people working on or interested objects from a variety of different disciplinary perspectives…
Any reviewers out there who have read the volume care to comment in more detail?