Conference Call – Material Culture, Craft & Community

Material Culture, Craft & Community: Negotiating Objects Across Time & Place
20-21 May 2011
Material Culture Institute
University of Alberta
This interdisciplinary conference will explore the varied expressions of craft – social, cultural and material – in past and present societies. Craft has a rich history and vibrant present-day practice, sustaining communities while negotiating cultures. Craft-made goods were and continue to be created for domestic or institutional use, for local or international markets; they express gender roles and cultural aspirations, sustaining economies. At the same time, craft practice defined and continues to define communities and groups, in the midst of global trade networks. Moreover, the flow of ideas, goods and peoples animate the making, circulation and meanings of craft goods. These issues will be addressed over the course of the conference.
Keynote Speaker:
Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, Harvard University, USA
Confirmed Speakers:
-Eiluned Edwards, London College of Fashion, UK
-Edward S. Cooke, Yale University, USA
-Janice Helland, Queen’s University, Kingston, CAN
-Laura Peers, Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford, UK
-Ruth Phillips, Carleton University, Ottawa, CAN
Call for Papers:
Paper proposals and full panels are invited on topics ranging from the history to present practice of craft, issues of production, use, and trade of craft, and the construction and interpretation of the meanings of craft, in the context of personal interactions, local communities, national groups, modes of international circulation, and forms of cultural context.
Graduate students are encouraged to apply with either single papers or panels. Three graduate proposals will be selected for a special graduate plenary session, in addition to those papers selected for concurrent sessions.
Proposals are invited from all disciplines. The proposal package should include a paper summary of 150-200 words and a two-page CV.
Conference Organizer: Beverly Lemire, Department of History & Classics and Department of Human Ecology, University of Alberta
Proposals should be received by 10 October 2010 and should be sent to:
Registration will open on 15 December 2010.