The New York Metro American Studies Association (NYMASA) is delighted to announce our annual conference:
8:30am-6pm, December 4th, 2010, St. John’s University in Lower Manhattan, 41 Murray Street
Dirt is among the most material but also the most metaphorical and expressive of substances. This conference will explore how people imagine, define, and employ the various concepts and realities of dirt. What does it mean to call something dirty? How do we understand dirt and its supposed opposite, cleanliness? How do we explain the points at which we draw the line between clean and dirty, what we embrace and what we refuse to touch? Drawing on multiple disciplines we will uncover and foreground the (often unconscious) centrality of the metaphors and actualities of dirt to U.S. cultures, values, and lived experiences.
Registration forms can be found at www.nymasa.org. Registration is $20, $10 for students/unwaged. For more information contact nymasadirt@gmail.com.

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