Discard Studies

Robin Nagle, NYU
Discard Studies, a new blog focusing on the cultural, economic, and political implications of contemporary habits of waste, is meant to reach scholars, activists, artists, and others whose work considers discards as objects and/or discarding as a set of practices, relationships, and decisions. More detail is in the blog’s “About” section.
The Discard Studies blog is the first salvo in an effort to found a new interdisciplinary concentration on such themes. There are people working on discard-related questions all over the world. Though we are scattered, internet tools like blogs can help us find and work with each other across time and geography.
Discard Studies invites authors who would like to contribute regularly or occasionally. Anyone interested in learning more or in asking questions is encouraged to e-mail Robin Nagle.
Editorial note from Haidy Geismar: here is an excellent post by Robin on working with archives and challenging the temporality of the archive…

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