Indigenous Craft, Call for Submissions

The Cahiers métiers d’art ::: Craft Journal announces the submission deadline for its Fall 2011 issue.
Guest Editors Alena Buis and Sarah E.K. Smith invite submissions of essays (2500-5000 words), maker profiles (850-1000 words) and book or exhibition reviews (850-1000 words) to be included in the first themed issue of Cahiers métiers d’art ::: Craft Journal.
This issue takes as its starting point the work of cultural theorist George Yúdice, who argues that in the current era of neoliberal globalization the control of culture across national boundaries is central to economic and political projects. Labeling these processes “transnational cultural brokering,” he explains them as “the complex negotiations of cultural reproduction and identity, particularly from marginalized or subordinate groups, that are now negotiated in a transnational sphere” (2003, 104). In this special issue of Cahiers métiers d’art ::: Craft Journal, we seek to examine these multifaceted processes of cultural negotiation, specifically as they are manifest in the field of indigenous craft. Central questions to be discussed include: How have works of indigenous craft been used, historically and in the contemporary moment, to mediate relations between different cultures and nations? How can indigenous craft be discussed in relation to a variety of identity projects – local, regional, national and transnational? This issue invites papers that examine a wide range of approaches and case studies. Special emphasis is placed on discussions of Aboriginal craft in the Canadian context, though submissions on all types of Indigenous craft will be considered.
Topics may include but are not limited to:
-Craft as related to identity politics/conflicts
-Craft and political struggles
-Craft as related to sovereignty issues
-Craft as a site of resistance
-Craft as a cultural resource under neoliberal globalization
-Craft as it relates to the construction of tradition in specific historical periods
-Craft and museum practices or institutional critique
-Craft in historical and contemporary contexts
-Craft as the manifestation of social, political and economic relationships
Deadline for proposals: 15 December 2010.
Notification: January 2011.
Deadline for first draft: April 2010.
Please send a proposal of 500 words and a short CV to both editors:
Alena Buis:
Sarah E.K. Smith:
For more information please see the journal’s Submission Guidelines
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