Josep Llobera

Llobera.JPGStephen Nugent at Goldsmiths College has sadly announced the death of Josep R. Llobera. Born in Havana and brought up in Catalonia Josep had made Britain his home since 1969. He taught for many years in the Sociology Department at Goldsmiths and following his retirement was a Visiting Professor in the Anthropology Department at UCL, from which institution he took his Diploma in the early 1970s and a PhD in 1978.
Josep resisted pigeonholing for he had a broad view of anthropology and the human sciences. He was well known for his work on European nationalism, for his research in historical anthropology and for his enthusiasm for anthropology as a critical social science. He had many friends, strong opinions, and a rigorous and humorous approach to life. For many, he was always an energetic and reliable presence and will be deeply missed.
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