Post-Graduate Funding in Aberdeen

‘University of Aberdeen Global Empires Post-Graduate Research Project’
In recent years across a range of disciplines, empire has become a paradigm for rethinking a globalized world. In this context, the University of Aberdeen is pleased to advertise a number of Masters (fees only) and Doctoral (fees and partial maintenance) Studentships within a broader interdisciplinary project on the ‘Ideas, Practices, and Impacts of Global Empires’. This brings together a supervisory team drawn from History, Anthropology, International Relations, and the University’s Museums. Within the project, we are interested in a number of themes: cross cultural encounters and collecting; material culture and visual representations of encounters; trade, migration, and empire; the ideologies of empires; and resistance and the ends of empires. Our areas of focus include: the British and American empires (especially Canada, the American South, South Asia, South Africa and the Antipodes); empires past and present in Latin America; Holy Roman Empire; modern German empires within and beyond Europe; Russia, especially Soviet Russia, including Russian informal empires; and competing imperialisms in East Asia. We invite applications from candidates with research interests (interdisciplinary or within the disciplines named above) touching one or more of these themes and areas. We are particularly keen to attract applicants interested in working on the Marischall Museum’s understudied collections from historical, ethnohistorical, anthropological, and curatorial perspectives.
Available studentships
4 x Home Fees PhD Studentships
1 x Research Preparation Masters Studentships
In addition, the committee awarding studentships for the project will be able to allocate some funds towards maintenance.
Closing date: Friday 1 April
Code: RPAS2009NOV03
Please ensure that you quote this code on your application form under ‘Intended Source of Funding’ if you wish to be considered for funding under this research theme
For further details of the bid, and potential supervisors across the named disciplines, please visit:
Informal enquiries should be sent to
Dr. Andrew Dilley
Lecturer in History