CFP: ‘Youth in Motion: Spatializing Youth Movement(s) in the Social Sciences’

Social science research frequently implicates movement(s) when examining the nature, meaning and experience of space and place. Exploring movement(s) itself/themselves can be as revealing of human lives as the sites in and across which they are located. Focusing on the perspectives of youth, this workshop aims to explore the ways in which young people define, experience, initiate or resist movement(s), and the ways that we as social scientists understand/research them.

Taking notions of movement, motion and mobility in their broadest senses and at a variety of scales, we extend the reach of the workshop to encompass discussion on themes such as;
young bodies and corporeality
spatial freedom and restriction
travel and migration
emotional and developmental transition
youth subjectivities and narratives in flux
socio-economic and cultural inequalities of participation and engagement
contested spaces of belonging and exclusion
Rather than structuring the workshop around paper sessions, we are keen to foster open discussion and critical engagement with key conceptual and methodological questions relating to research on youth movement(s). The day will include a keynote panel discussion and interactive sessions where all participants will be encouraged to share aspects of their work. We are therefore eliciting submissions in the form of short (five minute) position papers concisely outlining a personal research project, question, problem or theme, coupled with key questions to be discussed by workshop participants. Position paper submissions are not a prerequisite to attend, but we would encourage prospective participants to do so in the interest of generating vibrant discussion.
This is a free event but places are limited and registration is required. The workshop will take place between 9.30am-5pm on Thursday 16th June in the Department of Geography, Pearson Building, University College London, Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT. Lunch will be provided.
This workshop is organised by the UCL Youth Geographies Research Group based in the Department of Geography, University College London. We hope that the workshop will provide a platform for those working across the Social Sciences to network, share ideas and engage critically with a host of common ‘youth’ themes, whilst also contributing to a ‘mapping’ of where we stand together on youth research today.
Caitlin O’Neill Gutierrez
Department of Geography
University College London (UCL)
26 Bedford Way
London WC1E 6BT
United Kingdom
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