Caroline Palla: 127 – Imagine a golden piggy bank with no one to spare a dime (2009/11)

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These images stem from a photographic series called 127 – Imagine a golden piggy bank with no one to spare a dime (below: 127). In the summer of 2009, I traveled to the United States and visited the world’s longest yard sale, also known as the 127 Corridor Sale, that runs along Highway 127 through the states of Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama. I assembled about 120 objects, and photographed each item in a locally chosen setting. The series is part of a long term investigation into the field of garage sales. My practice includes the collecting, inventorying and reselling of artifacts.
Garage sales are part of a Do-It-Yourself-culture, where people help themselves and create a parallel economy. My work traces this otherwise unmapped trade and directly engages in it in the form of my own garage sales as artistic interventions. The photographs from the 127 Corridor Sale hint at fictional contexts. Meanwhile, the frontside of each photograph is stamped and titled, suggesting the concept of an archive.
A selection of 40 Dye Transfer Prints from the series 127 will be shown at the 2011 Louisville Photo Biennial, Kentucky, later this year.

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