Blast from the Past

In anticipation of the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, the RAI¹s Education Outreach Programme is running an oral histories project called Blast from the Past. The aim of the project is to connect people around the world through material objects related to sports, games and play. We are asking people to dig through their attics, family trunks and wardrobes to find objects (sport kits, souvenirs, photos, medals or magazines) that capture special memories related to sport, games and play. Send us a video of you speaking about your object or write a story and send us a photo!
Who can participate?
Anyone interested in anthropology, history and sport
How do I submit my story?
Send us a photo of your object with a description of max 100 words.
Alternatively, send us a short video clip, max 1:30 sec.
Please find attached the publicity postcard for this project. Further details and submission forms can be found on our Discover Anthropology
We would greatly appreciate your help in disseminating this information to friends, colleagues and family who are passionate about sports, games and play!