Post-Doc: Networks of Exchange: Mobilities of Knowledge in a Globalized World

The Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis invites applications from all disciplines for post-doctoral resident fellowships to be held during the academic year of 2012-2013 from individuals working on topics related to “Networks of Exchange: Mobilities of Knowledge in a Globalized World.”
How have science, technology and medicine been shaped by global movement, and how has global movement been shaped by science, technology and medicine? This two-year seminar program explores the relationship between varieties of knowledge and practice centering on the natural world and the formation of networks that transcend single cultures, nations or regions. If we include Western Europe and North America but deny them the status of “centers,” and suspend judgment about what forms of knowledge should count as modern, western or scientific, what other stories emerge from world histories in which the production of knowledge points us to its multiple consequences? The concept of the network helps ground global histories as a series of connected, local interactions across distance, while exchange helps us understand such interactions through attention to differential power relations, unpredictable reciprocities, and multi-directional outcomes that are also political, economic and cultural in character. Specific attention will be paid to cross-cultural intermediaries; non-human environmental actors (plants, animals, objects, substances, technologies); long-distance and short-range relationships between political, commercial and other institutional entities; and the production and projection of images of global order. Applications are warmly invited from scholars across all disciplines, whose research actively engages with these questions.
Rutgers is an AA/EOE institution. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply. Not limited to recent Ph.D.s. The deadline for applications is March 1, 2012.
Applicants and those interested in presenting a paper related to this project during 2012/2013 should contact the project directors:
Profs. James Delbourgo and Toby Jones
Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis
88 College Ave.
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8542 USA.
Email, or visit

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