Digital Icons: Studies in Russian, Eurasian and Central European New Media

Issue 6 of Digital Icons explores the concept of transmediality as one of a series of common thematic strands, discusses new digital phenomena and launches a new creative and analytical project, Digital Memoirs. The main objective of Digital Memoirs is to facilitate a reflective discussion of the experience of digital media in Russia, Eurasia and Central Europe.
Digital Icons aims to construct a collaborative historical narrative that would define use of digital media, including digital gadgets, digital forms of communication and digital practices, in a post-communist, post-totalitarian space. Digital Icons hopes that such a narrative would enhance our understanding of the role of new media in society, contribute to the theory of digital media and avoid the ‘presentism’ of new media studies by adopting a critical historical perspective. The project straddles practices—creative work and academic reflection; and research disciplines—web anthropology, media studies, communication studies, (literary/art) history, folklore, fandom studies, etc. Digital Memoirs presents diverse voices of cultural authority: the journal publishes submissions of artists, researchers, media practitioners, journalists and people from other professions and walks of life.

*Issue 6*
Table of contents
6.0 Editorial | Vlad Strukov
6.1 ‘This is your show!’ Mass Creative Practices in Transmedial Projects |
Natalia Sokolova
6.2 Stars and Consumers in Contemporary Formats of Media Systems |
Alexandra Yatsyk
6.3 Jáchym Topol’s Fictional Statement on the Possibility of Immersive
Remembrance | Christine Goelz
6.4 A Social Network Site for the Elite | Tine Roesen
6.5 The Faces and Spaces of a Russian Culture-News Portal
| Ellen Rutten
6.6 Russian Optimistic Internet TV Channel Dozhd (Interview with Mikhail
Zygar’) | Arseny Khitrov
6.7 Digital Memoirs – Our New Project!
6.8 Reports and Commentaries
6.9 Book Reviews
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