Material World Occasional Paper Series – Call

Some time ago I put out a call for papers for our Occasional Paper Series. Indexed by the Library of Congress, this is our attempt to explore the possibilities of thinking about how Material World could also be thought of as an open source, online publication. Since that last call, we’ve migrated the blog to a better platform, and I think we are now in a much better position to explore the possibilities of online publishing.
We are therefore always interested in contributions to the OPS which push the boundaries of our blog-like format. Obviously the broad theme is an engagement with material and visual culture and the development of a thoughtful perspective on the issues this engagement raises. Are you working through the medium of sound, film, or photography? A graphic novel or series of paintings perhaps? Do you have a conversation or interview that provokes discussion about the material world? Would you like to have more multi-media in your work but are restricted by the formats of journal articles, books and academic theses and dissertations.
The OCP aims to make such work broadly available to the public. We are less interested in unpublished PhD’s, or unpublishable articles, and more interested in works that would find it hard to get published elsewhere primarily because of their form.
Our OCP is fully peer reviewed, indexed by the Library of Congress and permanently available online. Please email Haidy Geismar if you are interested in submitting something to us.

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