The Royal Anthropological Institute's Body Canvas Photography Competition

The RAI’s Body Canvas photo competition aims to:
• promote public engagement with the RAI’s Education Outreach Programme
• provide a platform for people to share their work and become
actively involved in anthropology
• develop an understanding for the personal, social and political
reasons why people undergo permanent body modification
• explore the many ways in which communities around the world develop
and express relationships with their bodies
• explore the industry of body modification, the artists, doctors and
craftsmen who practise their trade
The submissions we are looking for:
Engaging photographs that explore biological, cross-cultural and
social elements of body art and modification in relation to these
1) Tattoos and Scarification
2) Piercings and Body Reshaping
Who can participate?
The competition is open to anyone interested in anthropology,
photography and science communication.
What do contestants win?
All short-listed and winning contestants will have their work
published in RAI online and printed materials. In addition, for each
thematic category a £100 gift voucher will be awarded to the winning
Deadline for submissions 30th September 2012
For further information and submission guidelines please visit:
To get some ideas, take a look at our previous photo competitions on our flickr page