Geography, Museums and Collections

Seminar Programme,    Spring 2013,    Convenor: Professor Felix Driver
22 January 2013      Caroline Cornish (Royal Holloway)       Reconfiguring objects, refashioning spaces: The Kew Museums of economic botany
5 February 2013      James Wallis (Univ. of Exeter)      ‘Oh! What a lovely exhibition!’ Exploring the Imperial War Museum’s 1st WW fiftieth anniversary displays, 1964-68
19 February 2013    Claire Wintle (Univ. of Brighton)      Decolonising the Smithsonian: American foreign policy & colonial collections, 1945-70
5 March 2013       Nicholas Thomas (Univ. of Cambridge)     Pacific presences: Encounter and experiment in the European museum
19 March 2013       George Lovell (Queen’s Univ. Ontario)     The archive that never was: State terror and historical memory in Guatemala
These seminars are held on Tuesdays at 5.15pm in the Torrington in Room 104, South Block, Senate House, University of London.
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