Consumption Markets & Culture

From Jonathan Schroeder, Rochester Institute of Technology and Editor in Chief of Consumption, Markets and Culture
Consumption Markets & Culture has been accepted for inclusion in the Social Sciences Citation Index from volume 13 (2010). The journal will receive its first impact factor in the 2012 Journal Citation Reports, which will be published in summer 2013.  An interdisciplinary journal published four times a year by Routledge
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There is a strong stream of papers on material culture issues within the journal, including:
*Christèle Boulaire and Bernard Cova (2012) ‘The dynamics and trajectory of creative consumption practices as revealed by the postmodern game of geocaching,’ Consumption Markets & Culture, online
*Robin Canniford and Eminegül Karababa (2012) ‘Partly primitive: discursive constructions of the domestic surfer,’ Consumption Markets & Culture, online
*Alfons van Marrewijk and Maaike Broos (2012) ‘Retail stores as brands: performances, theatre and space,’ Consumption Markets & Culture, 15:4, 374-391
*Thomas Burr (2012) ‘National market communities: bicycle use and civil society in France and the United States, 1867–1910,’ Consumption Markets & Culture, 15:1, 63-85
*Aaron Ahuvia & Elif Izberk-Bilgin (2011) ‘Limits of the McDonaldization thesis: eBayization and ascendant trends in post-industrial consumer culture,’ Consumption Markets & Culture, 14:4, 361-384
*Janice DenegriKnott and Mike Molesworth (2010) ‘Concepts and practices of digital virtual consumption,’ Consumption Markets & Culture, 13:2, 109-132
*Janet L. Borgerson (2009) ‘Materiality and the comfort of things: drinks, dining and discussion with Daniel Miller’, Consumption Markets & Culture, 12:2,155 — 170
*James Fitchett and Ming Lim (2008) ‘Consumer experiences in the “house of the future”: An enquiry into surveillance based consumer research techniques,’ Consumption Markets & Culture, 11:2, 137-149
*Detlev Zwick and Dholakia, Nikhilesh (2006) ‘The Epistemic Consumption Object and Postsocial Consumption: Expanding Consumer-Object Theory in Consumer Research,’ Consumption Markets & Culture, 9:1, 17 – 43
Consumption Markets & Culture
Jonathan Schroeder
William A. Kern Professor
College of Liberal Arts
Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

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