ICT and Work : The United States at the Origin of the Dissemination of Digital Capitalism

Histoire et dynamique des espaces anglophones (ED4 – HDEA) – Travail, culture et société (TCS)
Date: 29 – 30 May 2013
Venue: Maison de la Recherche, 28 rue Serpente, 75006 Paris
Abstracts: http://ictandwork.blogspot.fr/
Registration: inscription.ictwork@gmail.com
Contribution: 30 euros (students 10 euros)
Wednesday 29 May

1:30 pm Registration of participants
2:00 pm Welcome by Barthélémy Jobert, President, Université Paris Sorbonne; Marie-Madeleine Martinet, Director, HDEA, Université Paris Sorbonne; and Alexis Tadié, Director, Doctoral School, Université Paris Sorbonne.
2:30 pm Presentation of European COST Action IS-12-02: Dynamics of Virtual Work by Ursula Huws, University of Hertfordshire Business School
2:55 pm Introductory remarks by Olivier Frayssé, Université Paris Sorbonne, Exporting United States Work Models: Laying Out the Issue
Keynote Address
3:15-4:30 pm Eran Fisher, The Open University of Israel, From Ford to Google: The Ideology of Technology Past and Present
Respondent: Antonio Casilli, Telecom ParisTech, EHESS
Chair: Mathieu O’Neil, Université Paris Sorbonne
4:30 pm Tea Break
Session 1 — The Californian Paradigm: Technology and Work Culture
4:50 pm Adam Fish, Lancaster University, Silicon Valley or Hollywood? Place, Politics, and Technology in Cultures of Internet and Television Convergence
5:10 pm Thibault Clément, Université Paris Sorbonne, Whistle While You Work: Disney’s Theme Parks as Socio-Technical Devices and the Diffusion of US Work Culture
Respondent: Hélène Schmutz, Université Paris Sorbonne
5:30-6:15 pm Discussion
Thursday 30 May
9:00 am Coffee, registration.
Session 2 — ICT and Labor: New Dynamics in the Era of Globalization
9:30 am Jakob Rigi, Central European University, Intellectual Property and Labor Aristocracy in the USA: the United States as a Knowledge-Based Rentier State
9:50 am Mary L. Gray, Microsoft Research New England, Digital Piecework: Lessons from an Ethnographic Study on Amazon’s MTURK Program
Respondent: Élisabeth Koechlin, Université Paris Sorbonne
10:10-10.30 am Discussion
10:30 am Coffee break
10:50 am Angela Martinez Dy, Nottingham University, Unmasking the “Great Equalizer”: Internet Entrepreneurship by Marginalized Actors
11:10 am Eve Bantman Masum, Université Toulouse Le Mirail, Marketing Migration in North America: the Business Model of Brokerage in a Networked Age
Respondent: Medina Niang, Université Paris Sorbonne
11:30-12:00 am Discussion
Lunch break
Session 3 — Reevaluating the Production / Consumption Relationship
2:30 pm Michael Palm, University of North Carolina, Magic Touch: Transaction Apps and the Political Economy of Swiping
2:50 pm Marie-Christine Pauwels, Université Paris-Ouest Nanterre la Défense, Work and Prosumerism: Collaborative Consumption in the US
Respondent: Mathieu O’Neil, Université Paris Sorbonne
3:10-3:30 pm Discussion
3:30 pm Tea break
Session 4 — Alternative models
3:50 pm Mandy Tröger, University of Illinois, Understanding the Role of Political Economy in US Communication Research
4:10 pm Arwid Lund, University of Uppsala, Peer to Peer Production’s Relationship to Capitalism
4:30 pm Johan Söderberg, University of Göteborg: Techno-Utopists and Digital Capitalism
4:50 pm Lela Mosemghvdlishvili & Jeroen Jansz, Erasmus University Rotterdam, What is Free?: Commoditization of Open Source Software Development by Google
Respondent: Mathieu O’Neil, Université Paris Sorbonne
5:10-6:00 pm Discussion and conference wrap-up
6:30 pm Closing drinks