Textile History

Textile History, (UK) co-edited by Laura Ugolini and Mary Brooks is a peer reviewed journal published twice a year. The editors want to extend its reach in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. It takes high-quality research both in textile and dress history and is asking for submission of articles, shorter object lesson papers, research notes or conference /exhibition reviews.

For requirements of the different types of paper see the website. They would also like to be notified about interesting exhibitions and new publications, as well as up coming conferences. The journal welcomes papers from a wide range of disciplines – design, economic, industrial and social and cultural history and from a range of perspectives (e.g. anthropological, material cultural or museological) but still with a strong historical component, even if a contemporary subject. Those interested can access some of the papers and contents pages on the web site to get a flavour of the journal.

More information about Textile History and a link to the on-line journal can be found by clicking here.