Announcing the Heritage Jam

11th of July 2014 at
the University of York
We’ve just launched a new heritage visualisation project at the University of York & I’m hopeful you might be keen to participate and/or spread the word. Thank you in advance for your interest!
Are you concerned with the way the past is presented? Have you ever worked with (or wished you could work with) art, photos, video, diagrams, websites or other forms of graphic and performance pieces in the context of interpreting the archaeological and heritage records? Are you interested to innovate with the visualisation of history and prehistory?
If so, we invite your participation in The Heritage Jam (, a collaborative global event in heritage visualisation, taking place both online and in-person on the 11th of July 2014 at the University of York.

The Heritage Jam is an interdisciplinary visualisation showcase and competition, open to artists, historians, animators, designers, programmers, archaeologists, conservators, museums professionals, heritage practitioners, students and other interested specialists and members of the public. We aim to join people together – either in groups or independently – to experiment with the creation of new, forward-thinking visualisations of the past. Ultimately we seek to foster
partnerships, friendships and creative links that push on the boundaries of heritage interpretation, injecting new ideas into the field and growing the heritage industry overall.
No experience is necessary – we welcome registration from anyone with any degree of interest in imagery, art, interpretation, history and archaeology. We take inspiration from jamming events commonly held in the games industry, where ad-hoc groups meet for short, intensive periods of time to produce prototypes around a specific theme. This year’s Jam theme centres on the visualisation of burials and burial spaces in archaeology and heritage contexts.
This is a chance to work with new materials, forms, techniques, ideas; a unique opportunity to develop your creative and technical skills, and to drive forward larger appreciation of how visualisation both animates the past and creates possibilities in the present and future.
Registration is open to all. Participation in person on 11 July includes a £10 fee for refreshments, lunch and access to facilities. Remote participation is free.
To find out about the ways you can take part, on entry and prizes, and to read content on how to Jam, see our webpages at:
You can also like and follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter (, for updates and sneak-previews!
Dr Sara Perry
Director of Studies, Digital Heritage
Director of Studies, Archaeological Information Systems
Lecturer in Cultural Heritage Management
Archaeology, University of York
King’s Manor, York, UK, YO1 7EP

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