Best of Material World Blog: Art

Haidy Geismar, UCL
In this new series of summer posts, we, the editors look back at the past 8 or so years that Material world Blog has been going and curate a series of “best of” themed post. Here, I link to what I consider to be some of the very best postings about art on the site.
In his post Twenty-Six Gasoline Stations on the Dhaka-Chittagong Highway Christopher Pinney presents a series of his own technicolour photographs, inspired by Ed Rucha’s 1963 series.
Jonathan Patkowski and Nicole Reiner unpack Alfred Barr’s infamous artist network diagram and unpack the neoliberal logics of the avant-garde as presented in the exhibition “Inventing Abstraction“.
Ryan Schram describes the tensions and identity around the speaker of the Parliament of Papua New Guinea trying to destroy the carvings evoking customary art and identity, made upon independence to decorate the new Parliament House.
In Museums Get the Best Gifts, Marcus Moore describes several gifts from Marcel Duchamp to collections in New Zealand.
Ross Hemera reviews Damien Skinner’s The Carver and the Artist: Maori Art in the Twentieth Century.
Dan Perkel writes about The Art of Theft: Creativity and Property on DeviantART
Fernando Dominguez Rubio looks at the conservation of modern art as a Material Ecology of Culture
A team of scholars from Leiden University examine Photographic Traditions in South African Popular Modernities
Jennifer Deger presents her collaborative exhibition about a Yolngu Christmas: Lights, Tinsel, Presence.
William Viney writes about the work of Mark Dion
Edmund Clark presents his work on secret detentions in the UK: Control Order House
Finally, in our most popular post ever, April Strickland discusses the case of Maori tattooing, appropriation, and Mike Tyson.(in the case of the film Hangover Part Two)

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