Occasional Paper No. 2: A Citizen's Guide to Plastic Pollution

[Moved from the initial Publication date of January 1st]
We are pleased to announce the publication of our second Occasional Paper, A Citizen’s Guide to Plastic Pollution, Max Liboiron, of NYU Media, Culture and Communication. (ISSN 2158-5660)
A Citizen’s Guide to Plastic Pollution
Plastic pollutes in a variety of ways, from leaching chemicals into our bodies and the environment to ending up in the world’s oceans and being ingested by many marine animals. This larger issue is punctuated by smaller questions: can I eat out of microwaved plastic? What is BPA and how do I avoid it?
The Citizen’s Guide to Plastic Pollution is a presentation and a manual. The presentation discusses how plastic pollutes your body and the environment. It covers how to be as healthy as possible as a consumer in this Very Plastic world. Yet the issue is much larger than any individual consumer, so it also discusses the political, scientific, and social changes that need to happen to deal with plastic pollution effectively. The manuel outlines best practices of the politics and consumption of plastics.
You can download the pdf of the manual here: CitizensGuideToPlasticPollution
Or Download the podcast for ipod and computers, mobile devices and audio only here

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