Call for Papers: Homes Under Pressure

The Geffrye Museum would like to share details of the Histories of Home Subject Specialist Network Call For Papers for 7th Annual Conference Homes Under Pressure.
Please forward to any staff and students.
This conference will explore how museums and researchers can document homes under pressure across the world in both contemporary and historical contexts. Homes can come under pressure from a variety of forces or influences, such as social change, economic hardship, politics and the law, or personal difficulty. This pressure is felt in homes in a wide variety of ways, and can create or entrench inequalities based on gender, class, race, sexuality, and ability. At the same time, pressure on homes creates or calls for responses, alternatives, and new forms of homes: these can range from the very personal and individual, to more collective responses rooted in or inspired by activism. Alongside this, researching and displaying these homes under pressure can provide a number of methodological and ethical challenges. This conference aims to bring together a breadth of papers that explore homes under pressure in order to ask how this pressure comes about and impacts on the home, to create unique comparisons across time and contexts, and to encourage a debate about how they might be documented by researchers and addressed and displayed in museums, galleries, and historic houses.
Papers might include but are not limited to:

  • Methodologies for studying homes under pressure
  • Displacement and loss of home
  • Homes and power
  • Homes of the vulnerable and institutional homes
  • Temporary, transient or portable homes
  • Activism and homes
  • ‘Alternative’ homes
  • Displaying and communicating homes under pressure in museums and galleries

Confirmed speakers: Rachael Crofts on the Geffrye’s work with young people at the New Horizon Youth Centre, an organisation for young people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, and Rebecca Preston and Lesley Hoskins on curating Homes Of The Homeless: Seeking Shelter in Victorian London at the Geffrye (opening March 2015). The conference is convened by Greg Salter, Geffrye Museum.
Please submit a 200-300 proposal using the form attached to Jacqueline Winston-Silk by 9 January 2015. 
Participants will be notified of acceptance by 23 January 2014.
Further details here:

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