Call for papers: The art market in a global perspective

Via Olav Velthuis, University of Amsterdam
28-30 January 2016, University of Amsterdam, Department of Sociology
The aim of this multidisciplinary international conference is to bring together theoretical perspectives (ranging from sociology, anthropology, art history, economics and geography) that help advance our understanding of how art markets function, while offering high-level qualitative and quantitative empirical contributions to their local and global articulations. We particularly welcome contributions on emerging art markets in countries such as China, Russia, South Africa, Turkey, India or Brazil.
The conference seeks to delve into the shifting relationship between established and emerging art markets through a series of paper presentation and keynote sessions, as well as panel discussions with expert practitioners from the field (gallerists, artists, collectors, museum directors), drawing on experiences from a variety of geographical contexts. The conference marks the end of a five year research project on the emergence and development of art markets in the BRIC countries, financed by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research, principal investigator: Olav Velthuis.
For conference themes & further details, see attachment or conference website

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