Anthropology and Photography

Anthropology & Photography (ISSN 2397-1754) is a new open-access RAI publication series edited by the RAI Photography Committee. Emerging from the international conference of the same name organized by the RAI at the British Museum in 2014, the series will highlight and make available to the widest possible audience the best new work in the field.
We are eager to solicit new contributions from anthropologists and practitioners which could be visual, textual, or somewhere in between.
Guidelines for submission:
Texts should be on average 4-6,000 words, normally with anything up to 30 images. We are interested in the intersections of text and image, and the capacities of the visual to convey anthropological ideas or participate in anthropological debates. We are also interested in supporting publications that are primarily visually based and are interested in the potential of the anthropological photo-essay or extended documentary project. Authors/Photographers will be responsible for clearing all image permissions and rights to publication for both their and other’s images.
Please send a short summary of your proposed submission to:
Volume 1 Daniel Miller, Photography in the Age of Snapchat (published December 2015)
Volume 2 Emilie Le Febvre, A Shaykh’s Portrait: Images and Tribal History amongst Bedouin in the Negev (published March 2016)
Volume 3 Catherine de Lorenzo and Juno Gemes, From Resistance Towards Invisibility (published May 2016)
Volume 4 Shireen Walton, Photographic Truth in Motion: The Case of Iranian Photoblogs (published May 2016)
Forthcoming Titles
‘Look Away from Me!’: On the Material Meanings of Images in a Digital Landscape by Paolo Favero
Culture, Memory and Community through Photographs: Developing an Inuit-based Research Methodology by Carol Payne
Alfred Maudslay’s Causality Dilemma: Archaeology, Photography and the influence of Nineteenth-CenturyTravel Literatureby Duncan Shields
‘Pierre Verger, A Cigarra, and the Construction of Candomblé’s African ‘Purity’ by Heather Shirey
Visual Economies and Digital Materialities of Koorie Kinship and Community by Sabra Thorner

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