Control Order House is the latest project of the artist, photographer and archivist Edmund Clark. Clark’s first project, Guantanamo: If the Light Goes Out, explored the domestic architecture and environment of the Guantanamo Bay Military Base and tracked this “domesticity” back into the homes of British detainees, particularly following the case of  OmarContinue Reading

Jonathan Patkowski, PhD Student in Art History, CUNY Graduate Center and Nicole Reiner, Independent Researcher, MA Museum Studies, NYU Figure 1. The Artist Network Diagram in Inventing Abstraction: 1910-1925, an exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art, December 23, 2012–April 15, 2013, organized by Leah Dickerman with Masha Chlenova. Courtesy of TheContinue Reading

Haidy Geismar, UCL [Ed note: This is Material World Blog’s 1000’th post!] I’ve been thinking about novels that have something profound to contribute to Material Culture Studies having just read Peter Carey’s The Chemistry of Tears which is a remarkable instantiation of the affective entanglement of techniques, materials, and emotion.Continue Reading

The Salvage Art Institute, a New York based project started by artist Elka Krajewska, surveys, catalogues, and investigates the status and value of art objects once they succumb to the effects of decay, damage or destruction. Its mission statement reads: Salvage Art Institute works to confront and articulate the conditionContinue Reading ALMA links these depictions of pre-industrial objects, dating from the late Middle Ages to the nineteenth century, in paintings and prints to examples of similar material objects. The ALMA database can be searched extensively for the relation between object and depiction. Research results are published in the ALMA showcase.Continue Reading

Pop-Up Exhibition Bard Graduate Center 38 West 86th Street, New York City January 15 – 25, 2013 Exhibition Website: Museum categories profoundly affect scholarly knowledge claims in an A to Z of disciplines, from anthropology to zoology. In the fall semester 2012 I taught a new seminar at the BardContinue Reading

Caught at the bus stop without your smartphone or tablet? Whatever are you to do?  (An apposite aside: do people still twiddle their thumbs or has thumb typing dexterity displaced the neural connectivity previously forged through such antique pastimes??) An Italian conceptual artist named Fra.Biancoshock has installed a solution in Milan: freeContinue Reading

Christopher Pinney, UCL Sherlock Holmes was many things: cocaine addict, violinist extraordinaire, expert on Ceylonese Buddhism, master consulting detective, and accomplished amateur boxer. He was also a published anthropologist of sorts having (as is revealed in The Adventure of the Cardboard Box [1889]) published two short articles on the outerContinue Reading