Patrick Laviolette, School of Visual & Material Culture, Massey University Given the recent passing of Professor Dame Mary Douglas, I thought that some people might like read a review of Fardon’s intellectual biography of her. Even though the book is now somewhat dated, and I hear that he is planningContinue Reading

Paul Williams, NYU United States Holocaust Museum: Online Exhibit, Do You Remember When? Among the various modes of museum display, “online exhibits,” are often disappointing. They are overwhelmingly purely visual, comprising two-dimensional representations of select artworks or artifacts. These are chosen without explanation by the museum and organized in aContinue Reading

Fiona Parrott, Department of Anthropology, UCL The Tea Caddy, Paris Ever wondered how Englishness is portrayed in Paris? Visit The Tea Caddy on 14 rue Saint Julien-Le-Pauvre for Un buffet anglais where tiny scones and dainty cucumber sandwiches are served in a dark wood panelled room, surrounded by china andContinue Reading

MIT Press has just released Theorizing Digital Cultural Heritage: A Critical Discourse, edited by Fiona Cameron and Sarah Kenderdine. Here is the publishing blurb: “In Theorizing Digital Cultural Heritage, experts offer a critical and theoretical appraisal of the uses of digital media by cultural heritage institutions. Previous discussions of culturalContinue Reading

Danny Miller, UCL A new book has just been published by Nicky Gregson, Professor of Human Geography at Sheffield University, well known through her previous publications such as Second Hand Worlds. The latest book is called Living with Things ( I admit to a bias, since I am the editorContinue Reading

Patrick Laviolette (UCL / Massey University) Review of “Thinking Through Material Culture: An Interdisciplinary Perspective” by Carl Knappett (2005); Philadelphia: Univ. of Pennsylvania Press. [Editorial note: and see Martin Holbraad’s response to Danny Miller’s review on this site of the book Thinking Through Things as a cross-reference to this reviewContinue Reading

Alex Starace, MA student, Program in Museum Studies, NYU Museum Highlights: a Gallery Talk. Performed at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, 1989 Source: Andrea Fraser’s new book Museum Highlights is quite depressing – and I mean that as a compliment. Fraser, an artist and writer, bases her work onContinue Reading

Review of: “A Brief History of Globalization” by, Alex MacGillivray (2006); New York, Carroll & Graff Richard Wilk teaches at the University of Indiana This is not an academic book, written instead by an activist with a decidedly anti-globalization position. Nevertheless, because it takes a historical perspective, and sees globalizationContinue Reading

Review: “Brain of the Earth’s Body: Art, Museums, and the Phantasms of Modernity,” by Donald Preziosi (2003); University of Minnesota Press Sharon Macdonald teaches at the University of Manchester Donald Preziosi’s “Brain of the Earth’s Body: Art, Museums, and the Phantasms of Modernity” (2003, University of Minnesota Press) is theContinue Reading