The exhibition,  The Tool at Hand asked what would it be like to create a work of art using only one tool? In the Spring of 2011 the Chipstone Foundation and the Milwaukee Art Museum invited sixteen established artists from Britain and America to participate in an unusual experiment. Each artist wasContinue Reading

Jonathan Patkowski, PhD Student in Art History, CUNY Graduate Center and Nicole Reiner, Independent Researcher, MA Museum Studies, NYU Figure 1. The Artist Network Diagram in Inventing Abstraction: 1910-1925, an exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art, December 23, 2012–April 15, 2013, organized by Leah Dickerman with Masha Chlenova. Courtesy of TheContinue Reading

The blog about Caribbean culture Repeating Islands has recently posted a review of Nick Quijano’s work Basura (Trash) by Diana Soto de Jesús. For the full original review in Spanish, visit the site by clicking here.        

Haidy Geismar, UCL This is a short commentary on the current special exhibition at the Musee du Quai Branly, Paris’ “Museum of the others”. The exhibition, Cheveux Cheris: Frivolites et Trophies, translated into English as The Art of Hair is curated by Yves LeFur, Director of the Museum’s Heritage and Collections Department and drawsContinue Reading

7 November 2012, 11am – 4.30pm Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford An opportunity to critically interrogate the process of curating a temporary exhibition with curators, designers and conservators. Learn how a particular display of ethnographic objects was conceived and evolved, and participate in a critical evaluation of the end result. This event marks theContinue Reading

Fernando Dominguez Rubio, Open University and NYU Today’s post is the result of a collaboration between a brilliant group of Spanish architects, Elii, and myself. The text that follows accompanied the Jane-Fonda Kit House that Elii designed for an exhibition that took place at CIVA‘s room in Brussels.   TheContinue Reading

Does the camera ever lie? A new exhibition shows that photography has been doing exactly that since its inception. From fairies at the bottom of the garden to ghostly visitors, here is a slide show of the best manipulated images (from the BBC Website). • Faking It: Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop is atContinue Reading