Good article about the demise of statues of famous despots by David Cannadine… Statues to the mighty are erected as permanent monuments. But those regarded as heroes by one political regime are often denounced as villains by the next, their statues left unloved or toppled and carted off toContinue Reading

Great story on the BBC about the 1,000,000 people a year that visit the unclaimed baggage repository in Scottsboro, Alabama, where you can view, and purchase, the luggage that is never claimed. Finders Keepers DO NOT fail to check out their website: Unclaimed Baggage: Lost treasures from around the worldContinue Reading

Today it was announced: that plans have been set in motion to preserve the Chesnut Tree that Anne Frank sought solace from during her confinement in hiding during World War Two. The tree has become an important materialisation of Anne herself…and a way of thinking through poetically, the emotionalContinue Reading