is an excellent resource for those interested in the anthropology of consumption, the history of anthropological theory, the potentials of the web to showcase student research, and don’t forget to check out the museum of weird consumer culture… Reading

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of ebay (and check out the more up-to-date subsite of disturbing auctions daily… Jabba the hut’s face on a Heineken Can: Everyone has action figures, ONLY YOU WILL HAVE THIS!Continue Reading

Toby Wilkinson. Research Scholar, British Institute at Ankara. January 2007. Most readers of this blog will have doubtless come across Google Earth (figure 1), the interactive three-dimensional simulated globe, published by Google. If not, it is almost inevitable that you soon will, as its increasing usage amongst academics for showingContinue Reading

Haidy Geismar, NYU Material Connexion is a “material library” based in New York, Cologne, Bangkok, and Milan. The Library houses over 3,500 new and innovative materials representing eight categories: polymers, glass, ceramics, carbon-based materials, cement-based materials, metals, natural materials and natural material derivatives. It is a resource for designers, architects,Continue Reading

This blog site and relates to work Mary Stevens is doing on the new museum for immigration in Paris. It’s a good example of how Phd students can use blogs to discuss and share their research. Michael Rowlands, Professor in Material Culture, University College LondonContinue Reading

Barbara Kirschenblatt Gimblett, NYU Mitzvah Kinder figurines, right to left: Malkeleh, Moishy, Totty (Father), Mommy, and Baby Chaim. “The ‘Mitzvah Kinder’ has been designed to represent a Yiddishe family in the world of children’s play and imagination. Our charming characters made of soft lightweight rubber, makes them safe, durable andContinue Reading

Museums on the web are, in general, rather disappointing. At worst a selection of digital images with directions for how to get to the institution, at their best, they use the potentials of the internet to create new online visitor constituent (see the Brooklyn Museum’s Myspace page for instance, Reading

Haidy Geismar, NYU Map showing the location of the last 100 viewers of Materialworldblog, source Alongside this site, there are several recent additions to the Museum/Anthropology blogosphere which are definitely worth checking out (any other good links, please add to the comments below!). The bi-annual journal, Museum Anthropology,Continue Reading